30 Creative Idea For Safari Baby Shower

Safari Baby Shower

One of the swish corridors about planning a baby shower is having the occasion to have a theme around the whole party. It can be a truly pleasurable and creative part of planning the event, especially if you are choosing to go with a safari theme fastening on the jungle and brutes that come on with it. No matter if it is a boy or a girl, this theme is unique and will not disappoint. We also offer registries and budget worksheets for Safari baby showersThe safari theme allows for multitudinous ideas to come to life, our thing is to make the planning process a lot easier for you! This composition will include multitudinous ideas that you can use to bring your party to life. 

  1. Safari themed invitations

 To start off, you can invite the guests in a pleasurable way. Either produce or buy safari-themed appointments * to portray the jungle/ rainforest theme and include the wild brutes as well. Vibrant, bright colors are a must-have. The appointments will also give the guests an idea of what type of gifts they can bring. This might be extremely helpful if the plan is to embellish the baby’s room in a safari theme. You can mention this in the assignment to further prepare your guests for gift shopping. 

Safari Baby Shower Decorations

 This is where the most pleasurable can be had when planning a safari-themed baby shower. The options for decorations are endless. You can use these to embellish your house or any venue you decide to host at. The first and most important thing to do is to produce a natural timber vibe. To do this make sure to embellish with lush leaves and ferns to add the tones of green necessary to produce a forestry look around the room. 

  1. Leaves and Ferns

The first and most important thing to do is to produce a natural timber vibe. To do this make sure to embellish with lush leaves and ferns * to add the tones of green necessary to produce forestry look around the room. 

  1. Tropical Drink Station

Try creating a devoted drink station and use small shops to add a safari vibe to it. 

  1. Window Decorations

There are plenty of options to choose from when trying to season up the windows and walls of your house for the party. 

  1. Beast balloons

 Consider getting some beast-themed balloons for the youths to play with! 

  1. Pots or Vases with Ferns

Adding real pots and vases with real shops can really bring the party to life, just make sure to keep them out of the way of the little bones 

  1. Straw Table Skirt

A nice straw table skirt can be a truly nice decoration to spice up the gift, food, or drink table at the party. Make sure to stay down from bones that look like they are for a bash still. A It’s important to stick with a color scheme when decorating. The dark green palm tree theme is not appropriate. You want to incorporate the vibrant colors of the jungle to cheer the room up. You can also add traces of either pink or blue to indicate the gender of the baby if you wanted to. 

The centerpieces you choose for a baby shower are an important part of the event. The obvious route for a centerpiece could be some kind of beast-themed piece. You can make it around the food table if that makes it easier. Most parties offer a food selection with beast decorations around the food to keep the safari sense. 

  1. Jungle Tablecloth

A jungle-themed tablecloth is a cheap and easy way to make your table match the decorations. 

  1. Jungle Beast Centerpiece

These beast decorations on a stick can be great for putting in the center of the table in a nice potted plant.  

  1. Beast Publish Subscribe

To put in the center of a table, this Safari themed sign from Etsy is also a great option.  

  1. Beast Figurines

A great way to spread out some color and add a little spice to your centerpiece or food tables would be these gold safari beast figurines that could be used as toys later on!  

  1. Rustic Communication Box

A common centerpiece for a safari baby shower is a giant rustic box decorated to the theme and also has a gash in the top for guests to write notes to the baby and parents to be read later. You can leave the blank cards next to the box so it can be done easily. These cards will be great to hold onto to put in a tablet of some kind for the future baby. 

Safari Baby Shower Games

Having games at a baby shower is a good idea. This way, everyone can enjoy the party, and if you want to make it more interesting, put together some gift bags for the winners of the games! 

  1. Safari Bingo

A classic and easy baby shower game. There are multitudinous bingo boards * you can get online, but you could also make them yourself if you are creative enough!

  1. Safari Word Search

Using a word quest to try and get everyone settled in before a mess might be a great idea, check out these custom- made safari-themed word searches. 

  1. In the Jungle Musical Speakers

This is important further involved and could get raucous, but playing a song from the Lion King filmland that everyone knows and playing musical chairpersons is a great time! 

  1. Mommy or Daddy Safari Theme

A The Mommy or Daddy Guessing Game is an interactive game that can be played with everyone. Easier to play for grown-ups, but youths can join in too!  

  1. Safari Baby Shower Food Drink Ideas 
  2. Galettes, Cupcake, Brutes, Monkey, Lion, Party, Birthday 
  3. Source Pixabay 

One of the most important corridors of any party is the food, snacks, and delicacy. Depending on whether or not you plan on feeding your guests a real mess will obviously depend on what you have to make. Most baby showers stick to small snacks and delicacies. 

  1. Safari Animal Plates

A cute way to make the eating farther fun is to get some safari-themed plates and napkins that will match the decorations and add to the theme. 

  1. Safari Mugs

To go on with the plates and napkins, why not pick up numerous stacks of safari-themed mugs? There are multitudinous options for full packs that come with plates, apkins, and mugs. But if you just want to go with the mugs, also there are numerous options.  

  1. Snacks

For snacks, an easy result is small goods like pretzels, popcorn, chips, rubbish, and crackers, etc. Safari Baby showers are much further of a snacking terrain so plan accordingly.  

  1. Beast Cupcakes

A cool way to incorporate them in the delicacy is to make cupcakes in the shape of jungle brutes, but if you are not that talented, also cupcake mugs * will do the trick! 

21. Safari Cutlet Topper

If the plan is to go with a croquette also consider getting a cheap croquette clincher to indicate the gender of the child! Croquette and Cupcakes are truly popular but do n’t feel obliged to make them just because we said so. Eyefuls, donuts, croquette pops, or macarons are each good choices as well! 

Safari Baby Shower Party Favors  

  1. Keychains

A cute way to have your guests and their youths remember the party would be to have them leave with a beast keychain.

  1. Beast Cutlet Pops

A succulent option for a party favor would be a beast themed croquette pop.  

  1. Small Shops

Transferring guests home with a little plant from the party is a truly cool favor and truly unique. 

  1. Beast Shaped Babes

Making babies in the shape of brutes to stay with the theme and transferring them home is a succulent way to say thank you for coming. 

  1. Safari Themed Irons

You could either give one to each guest inclusively or put them in a bag filled with other delectable, but a safari-themed cuff * would be great for youths.

  1. Treats in a Mason Jar

Packing a mason jar filled with delectable and treats is another great option for a party favor. 

  1. Favor Bags

Bags filled with different goods like treats analogous as croquette pops, macrons, or babes can be a great gift. 

  1. Favor Display

Creating a gift table decorated and designed to look like a safari would be a nice way to pull the whole room together and people wouldn’t leave without grabbing a bag!  

  1. Acclimatized Labels

Thanks to the guests for attending and celebrating your baby with you, consider using customized labels on the favors! One way to take it to another position would be to keep the jungle theme going by berating the favors in leaves. You can also make sure to add customized labels to the favors to make it more substantiated of a gift. 


Planning a Safari baby shower is a truly pleasurable and satisfying process but it could be a lot of work. Make sure to leave yourself plenty of time to get decorations, food, and games, and make sure to set it up in advance to have the most swish party possible! The thing is to make it truly comforting and pleasurable for the parents-to- be and not a stress- filled day. Still, take a look at some other affordable options, If this certain theme looks like it’s going to be too important to go.  Last but not least, take plenty of prints for the parents and guests!  

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