Discovering Divine Grace: How God Touched the Life of Josiah

God showed grace to josiah by rewarding him for his obedience and his efforts to restore true worship in judah. Josiah was a righteous king who led many religious reforms and tore down the idols and altars of false gods.

As a result, god blessed him with a reign of peace, prosperity, and victory over his enemies. Despite the wickedness of his predecessors and the corruption of his kingdom, josiah remained faithful to god and his commands, and he made a profound impact on the spiritual and moral state of his people.

This article will explore the life and legacy of josiah, and how his story reveals the nature of god’s grace and mercy towards those who seek after righteousness.

Discovering Divine Grace: How God Touched the Life of Josiah


Childhood Of Josiah

Josiah was the son of king amon and grandson of king manasseh. He was born in jerusalem in the seventh century b. c. Josiah became king at the young age of eight, after his father was assassinated. Although he was a child king, his reign lasted for 31 years, during which he became known as one of the most righteous kings in judah’s history.

Family Background

  • Josiah came from a line of wicked kings – his father amon and grandfather manasseh were known for leading judah into sin and idolatry, but josiah broke this cycle by following god’s commandments.
  • Josiah’s mother, jedidah, was a daughter of adaiah from bozkath; not much is known about her and she doesn’t play a significant role in biblical accounts of josiah’s reign.

Early Years Of Josiah

  • Josiah was only eight years old when he became king of judah, making him one of the youngest monarchs to rule a nation in history.
  • He began his reign under the guidance of his regent, hilkiah the priest, who helped him to turn back to god and begin a series of reforms to cleanse judah of idolatry.
  • At the age of 16, josiah began to seek god with great fervor and began a nationwide cleansing of idols and cultic practices. He even destroyed the pagan shrines that his father and grandfather had erected in the jerusalem temple.

Influencing Factors

  • Josiah’s reformation was largely influenced by the discovery of an ancient scroll which was believed to be the book of the law (possibly deuteronomy).
  • Josiah’s spiritual mentor, the high priest hilkiah, informed him of the scroll’s contents and he then ordered the people of judah to turn back to god and follow the commands written in the scroll.
  • Josiah’s spiritual fervor and devotion to god were the driving factors behind his reforms; he genuinely loved god and wanted to please him in everything he did.

Josiah And The Rediscovery Of The Law

Historical Context

In the 7th century bce, judea was ruled by a succession of kings who disobeyed god’s laws. This led to despair and degradation. However, when josiah became king, he determined to restore the worship of god and reestablish his reign.

In the course of restoration, he discovered a lost book of the law, unknown to the people for generations. The book contained within it the words of god spoken to moses.

The Finding Of The Law

When josiah commanded that the temple be cleaned and repaired, the high priest hilkiah found a scroll that contained the law. After hilkiah informed the court of the discovery, josiah summoned all the elders of judah and jerusalem in order to have the law read to them.

This declaration led to the people’s repentance of their sins.

Josiah’S Reaction And Action

Josiah was deeply moved to discover how greatly his forefathers had sinned against god. He destroyed the idols in jerusalem and in the land, tore down the high places where they brought sacrifices and burned them until they were dust.

Josiah then commanded that the temple be re-consecrated to god and celebrated the passover as it had not been celebrated since the time of samuel. He did more to rediscover the law from the beginning of his reign to the end.

By humbly acknowledging and surrendering to god, josiah experienced god’s grace.


The Reforms Of Josiah

The story of Josiah is one of the fascinating tales in the old testament. Amid the kings of judah who regularly disrespected god, josiah was one who was devoted. He lived a life that was pleasing to god, earning himself the title of one of the most righteous kings in the old testament.

In this blog post, we will focus on how god showed grace to josiah, by discussing his reforms. The reforms made by josiah were not only essential for his time, but they also hold critical lessons for us today.

Overview Of Josiah’S Reforms

Josiah’s reforms were directed towards restoring the temple of god to its former glory and enforcing the laws of god in judah. Some of the key things that josiah did during his reign include:

  • He ordered a significant cleanup of the temple of god, removing all the foreign gods and pagan idols.
  • He restored the Passover festival, which had not been celebrated in many years.
  • He eliminated all the fake priests and false prophets in the land.
  • He removed pagan worship from various parts of the city, including the temple of jerusalem.

Spiritual And Social Implications

Josiah’s reforms had significant implications both spiritually and socially.

Spiritually, josiah’s actions helped to restore the relationship between god and his people. By removing the idols and pagan altars, he was able to purify the temple of god. This allowed the people to come to god and worship him in the right way.

His restoration of the Passover  was an essential step in reconnecting the people with god. This gesture helped to remind the people of the covenant between god and israel.

Socially, josiah’s reforms were significant in terms of the law. By enforcing the law of god, he was able to eliminate corruption in the land. His actions against false priests and false prophets helped to restore order in the religious community.

By removing pagan worship from various parts of the city, he was able to ensure that the people were following the right religion. In short, Josiah’s actions helped to make judah a better place to live by following the law of god.

Lessons We Can Learn

The story of Josiah shows us the importance of staying true to the laws of god. His reforms aimed to bring people back to god and to live a more righteous life. Indeed, we can learn from his actions and apply them in our own lives in the following ways:

  • We must eliminate all forms of idolatry from our lives, including things that distract us from living a righteous life.
  • Our relationship with god should take priority over everything else in life. Therefore, we should strive to restore and maintain our connection with god.
  • We must aim to live a life that is pleasing to god by following his commandments and laws.
  • We should be aware of false prophets and false teachings that aim to corrupt our faith.

Josiah’s reforms were vital in helping to restore god’s law in Judah and make it a better place. His story reminds us of the importance of staying true to our faith and living a righteous life. By following josiah’s example, we can ensure that we are living a life that is pleasing to god.

The Legacy Of Josiah

Josiah was one of the most righteous kings in the history of Israel, known for his commitment to serving god and adhering to his commandments. He reigned from 640 to 609 bc and was only eight years old when he became king of judah.

Despite his young age, he proved to be a wise and just ruler who brought about significant religious reforms in the land. Here is a breakdown of josiah’s legacy:

Josiah’S Impact On The People Of Israel

  • Josiah initiated a spiritual revival in Judah by restoring the temple of god and ordering the priests to purify it from the idols that had been introduced into it.
  • He removed the false gods and their altars, high places, and asherah poles from jerusalem, bethel, and all the cities of israel.
  • Josiah reinstituted the celebration of the passover and the dedication of the temple in jerusalem, which had been neglected for years.
  • He encouraged the people to return to god and obey his laws, and many responded positively to the call.

Josiah’S Place In History

  • Josiah’s reign marked the last period of political stability and spiritual revival in the history of judah before the babylonian exile.
  • His commitment to god and his zeal for the truth set him apart from his predecessors, who had either ignored or resisted the message of the prophets.
  • Josiah’s example of godly leadership and personal piety inspired later generations of jews, including the reformer ezra and the high priest eliashib.

Application For The Modern Reader

  • Like josiah, we too can make a positive impact on those around us by living a life of obedience and devotion to god.
  • We can follow his example by removing the idols of pride, selfishness, and materialism from our hearts and homes and dedicating ourselves to the service of god and the welfare of others.
  • Josiah’s story reminds us that even in dark times, there is still hope for repentance, revival, and renewal if we turn to god and seek his guidance and help.

Frequently Asked Questions On How Did God Show Grace To Josiah

How Did Josiah Show His Love For God?

Josiah showed his love for god by dedicating his life to serving him and implementing religious reforms throughout judah.

What Was The Significance Of Josiah’S Discovery Of The Book Of The Law?

Josiah’s discovery of the Book of the law was significant because it prompted him to lead a religious revival in judah and turn the people back to god.

How Did God Show Grace To Josiah?

God showed grace to josiah by promising to spare him from witnessing the destruction of judah and allowing him to die with honor.


After studying the life of king Josiah, we can confidently say that god is a god of grace. Despite Josiah’s father and grandfather’s wickedness, god chose to bless josiah for his faithfulness and love for the lord. God showed grace to Josiah by entrusting him with the responsibility of restoring the temple and the law, leading Judah to observe the Passover with a renewed commitment, and postponing the judgment of judah until after josiah’s death.

In our lives, we might face difficult situations, but we can be assured that god’s grace is sufficient for us. God’s grace is not only forgiving but also empowering, enabling us to live a victorious life. As we continue to seek god’s grace, let us, like Josiah, remain faithful to god and use the gifts and talents that god has given us to serve him and others.


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