How to Summon Divine Assistance: Ask Oshun for Help.


To ask oshun for help, you can light a yellow candle and offer her honey and/or coins. Additionally, you can recite prayers or affirmations to her.

Oshun, the african goddess of love, fertility, and beauty, is a beloved entity in many cultures, including those in the diaspora. She is associated with the sweet waters, such as rivers, and is often depicted wearing gold jewelry and holding a mirror.

Her energy is warm and nurturing, and she is known to help those in need of healing, prosperity, and love. To connect with oshun, you can perform spiritual practices, such as setting up an altar, meditating by a river, or singing her songs. In this article, we will explore how to ask oshun for help and some tips on building a deeper relationship with her.

How to Summon Divine Assistance: Ask Oshun for Help.


Who Is Oshun?

Brief Background On The Oshun Deity

Oshun is a prominent deity in yoruba religion and culture. She is considered to be one of the 17 orishas or intercessory deities that connect humans to the divine realm. Oshun is also known as the goddess of love, fertility, and freshwaters.

She is often depicted as a beautiful woman adorned in golden jewelry and surrounded by serene waters and sweet-smelling flowers.

Oshun’S Attributes, Personality, And Cultural Significance In Various Religious And Spiritual Practices

Oshun is a warm, compassionate, and sensual deity who embodies the essence of femininity. She is regarded as the embodiment of love, beauty, and harmony. Oshun is also associated with joy, cheerfulness, and prosperity. She is hailed as the patron of dancers, singers, and artists.

Oshun plays a significant role in various african diaspora religions, including santeria, umbanda, and candomble. In these practices, oshun is revered as a powerful healer, capable of curing physical, emotional, and spiritual ailments. She is also revered as a protector of women and children.

How Oshun Is Perceived To Have The Power To Heal, Bestow Wealth, Fertility, And Good Fortune

Oshun’s powers are said to be vast and multifaceted. She is believed to have the power to heal a variety of illnesses, including infertility, depression, and anxiety. She is also known to bestow wealth, happiness, and good fortune upon those who honor her.

In the yoruba tradition, devotees pour water over statues or images of oshun as a means of requesting her assistance. It is believed that oshun is attracted to sweet things, and offerings of honey, molasses, and other sweets are often left at her altar as a gesture of reverence.

Oshun is also associated with the color yellow, and followers may wear yellow clothing or use yellow candles during rituals dedicated to her.

Overall, oshun is a powerful, multi-faceted deity who has played an important role in african diaspora religions for centuries. Her influence continues to be felt today, as more and more people seek her guidance and support in their daily lives.

Preparing For A Successful Summoning

Summoning oshun can help attract love, success, and abundance into one’s life. However, preparing oneself and the environment before summoning her is crucial to ensuring a successful outcome. In this section, we will discuss the key points in preparing for a successful summoning of oshun.

Tools And Items Required

Before proceeding with the summoning, it is essential to prepare all the necessary tools and items. Here is an essential list of what’s required:

  • Yellow or gold candles, oshun’s colors
  • An altar to honor oshun, decorated with her symbols such as mirrors, peacock feathers, and seashells
  • Offerings such as honey, oranges, and cinnamon
  • A container of water
  • A clean white cloth to cleanse the space
  • An image of oshun, preferably a statue or a painting

Conducting A Ritualistic Cleansing

A ritualistic cleansing and purification of the space is a vital part of the summoning process. To do this, follow these steps:

  • Clear the space: Remove any clutter or unwanted items from the room and create a clean, sacred space for the summoning.
  • Cleanse the space: Take a clean white cloth and dip it in water. Starting from the entrance, move clockwise around the room, wiping all surfaces, and walls. Chanting a prayer or mantra can be beneficial during this process.
  • Cleanse yourself: Take a shower and cleanse yourself thoroughly. Dress in clean clothes in either white or yellow colors, which symbolize purity and harmony.
  • Set up the altar: Set up the altar in the center of the room, preferably facing east towards the sunrise. Decorate it with oshun’s symbols and offerings.
  • Offerings: Offer up the honey, oranges, or cinnamon as an offering to oshun. Place them on a white plate and decorate with peacock feathers.

Preparing for the summoning of oshun takes time and effort. However, it can help create a spiritual connection with the divine, allowing you to manifest positivity in your life. Follow these steps to summon oshun successfully and start seeing positive changes in your life.

The Summoning Process

Are you in need of divine assistance in your life? If so, summoning oshun might be the answer you’ve been searching for.

As the yoruba orisha of love, fertility, beauty, and prosperity, oshun is a powerful spirit who can help you attain your desires. However, if you wish to receive her blessings, you must follow the proper steps to summon her aid effectively.

Provide A Step-By-Step Guide On How To Summon Oshun’S Help Effectively:

To summon the help of oshun, follow these steps:

  • Start by creating an altar dedicated to oshun. The altar should contain items that represent her such as seashells, a mirror, honey, and anything gold.
  • Light a candle, preferably a yellow or amber one, and clear your mind of all distractions.
  • Call upon oshun by chanting her name or reciting a prayer to her.
  • Make an offering to her by placing something sweet on the altar such as honey, oranges, or cinnamon.
  • Visualize the request you are making to her. Imagine it as if it has already been fulfilled.
  • Repeat affirmations that reinforce your request. For example, if you are seeking love, you might say, “i am worthy of love and happiness. Oshun, please bring me the perfect partner.”
  • End the summoning by thanking oshun for her assistance and blow out the candle.

Explain How And When To Make Offerings:

Offerings can be made to oshun anytime you seek her help. It is important to choose items that appeal to her and represent her attributes. Offerings can be made during a summoning ritual or on her altar. Some popular offerings to oshun include honey, oranges, cinnamon, and anything gold.

Clarify The Importance Of Affirmations And Positive Visualization In The Summoning Process:

Affirmations and positive visualization are effective in summoning oshun’s help because they align our thoughts and emotions with our desires. By repeating affirmations and visualizing the desired outcome, we are putting it out into the universe and inviting it in.

This powerful technique can help us manifest our desires and receive oshun’s blessings.

Mention Various Methods Of Summoning Oshun’S Assistance:

There are many methods of summoning oshun’s assistance. Meditation is a popular way to connect with her energy and seek guidance. Chanting her name or reciting a prayer to her is another effective method. Visualization is also a powerful technique that helps to align our thoughts and emotions with our desires.

Lastly, offerings made to her on her altar can attract her attention and lead to a stronger connection.

Maintaining A Successful Relationship With Oshun

If you seek oshun’s divine assistance, maintaining a healthy relationship with her is crucial. Here are some crucial tips to follow for a blessed and long-lasting relationship with this powerful goddess:

Discuss The Importance Of Maintaining A Healthy Relationship With Oshun

  • Building and maintaining a strong connection with oshun requires patience, devotion, and consistent attention.
  • Developing a good relationship with her can help you achieve success, prosperity, and happiness in various aspects of your life.

Clarify How To Show Gratitude And Appreciation After Receiving Oshun’S Help

  • Be mindful of showing gratitude and appreciation to oshun each time you receive her blessings.
  • Simple ways to show your gratitude can be by saying a prayer of thanks, leaving an offering, or regularly attending ceremonies dedicated to her.

Offer Tips On How To Stay Connected To Oshun And How To Sustain The Positive Energy Received From Her Blessings

  • Honoring oshun through ritual and prayer is a powerful way to stay connected with her.
  • Making altars or offering regular gifts to her, such as flowers, honey, and fruits, is an excellent way to show your love and devotion.
  • You may also consider placing a statue of oshun in your home or place of worship.

Emphasize The Role Of Self-Care In Maintaining A Successful Relationship With Oshun

  • One of the essential aspects of maintaining a good relationship with oshun is taking care of yourself.
  • Practicing self-care rituals such as meditation, grounding exercises, and journaling can help you maintain a positive and balanced mindset.
  • By staying positive and cultivating a good relationship with oshun, you can attract more of her blessings into your life.

Frequently Asked Questions For How To Ask Oshun For Help

How Do I Ask Oshun For Help?

To ask oshun for help, find a quiet and calm space. Light a yellow or gold candle and offer honey. Speak to her with respect and clarity, stating your request or intention. Thank her for her time and offerings.

What Can I Ask Oshun For Help With?

Oshun can be asked for help with matters of love, fertility, beauty, wealth, and success. She is also known to aid in emotional healing and spiritual growth, offering guidance and clarity.

What Does Oshun Represent?

Oshun is an african deity often associated with fresh water, beauty, sensuality, femininity, love, and fertility. She is a protector of women and children, a giver of life, and a nurturer.

How Can I Show Gratitude To Oshun?

To show gratitude to oshun, leave offerings of sweets, honey, or flowers near a natural body of water. Sing or dance in her honor, or make a small altar dedicated to her in your home. Give back to your community, volunteering your time or making a donation.

What Is The Significance Of Honey In Oshun Worship?

Honey is a significant offering in oshun worship because it symbolizes sweetness, fertility, love, and vitality. The color yellow or gold is also associated with her, representing wealth and success. Honey is believed to be a favorite of hers, and an offering that will bring blessings.


Asking oshun for help can bring positivity and prosperity to our lives. By building a connection with this powerful orisha, we invite her to offer her blessing and guidance in our endeavors. While there is no one-size-fits-all approach to asking for her assistance, there are a few key steps that can be taken to cultivate a strong and meaningful relationship with oshun.

First, it is important to approach her with humility and respect. In addition to this, we can work to understand the characteristics that define oshun, such as creativity, healing, and love. Finally, incorporating elements of her sacred dance and offerings, alongside a daily practice of reflecting and meditating, can help us honor and strengthen our bond with oshun.

With patience and faith, we can welcome her into our lives and experience the positive transformation she brings.

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