Crush Candy Crush: Mastering Level 46 Tips and Tricks

To beat candy crush level 46, match candies to release the ingredients. Use vertical blasts to clear the licorice locks and give yourself more space.

Candy crush is a popular game that has captured the attention of people of all ages. With its bright and colorful graphics and challenging gameplay, it’s no surprise that it has become a favorite pastime for many. However, certain levels can be particularly frustrating and difficult to conquer.

Level 46 is one such level that has left many players scratching their heads. This level requires you to release several ingredients while dealing with various obstacles such as licorice locks and limited space. In this article, we will explore some strategies to help you beat candy crush level 46 and move on to the next level.

Crush Candy Crush: Mastering Level 46 Tips and Tricks


Understanding Candy Crush Mechanics

Overview Of The Game Mechanics

Candy crush has been a favorite game among many for years. It’s a puzzle game that requires a certain level of strategy in order to progress through the levels. Before we dive into the specifics of level 46, let’s take a look at the game mechanics as a whole.

  • The game is based on matching at least 3 candy pieces in order to clear them.
  • There are certain obstacles that can hinder your progress, such as blockers, chocolate, and marmalade.
  • Lives are limited, which means if you fail to pass a level, you lose a life.
  • Boosters and special candies can be earned or purchased to assist you in certain levels.

Important Features To Master For Level 46

Now that we have a basic understanding of the game mechanics, let’s focus on what’s important for level 46.

  • Clear the jelly: The goal of level 46 is to clear all 25 pieces of jelly. Keep your focus on this objective throughout the game.
  • Eliminate the chocolate: Chocolate blocks can quickly spread and cover the board, making it hard to match candies. Prioritize clearing them as soon as you can.
  • Use special candies: Striped and wrapped candies can be very helpful in clearing out multiple jellies at once. Create and use them whenever possible.
  • Don’t waste moves: The number of moves you are given in level 46 is limited, so it’s crucial not to waste them on ineffective matches. Plan your moves and think ahead.
  • Be patient: Sometimes, it takes a few tries to get the right combination of candies. Don’t get frustrated – take breaks if necessary and come back to the game with a fresh perspective.

By mastering these features, you’ll have a better chance of beating level 46 and getting closer to the end of the game. Happy crushing!

Tips And Tricks For Level 46

Candy Crush is one of the most engaging puzzle games that have ever been created. Many players get stuck on level 46, wondering how to clear jelly effectively and efficiently. However, this level can be beaten using some tips and tricks.

In this blog post, we will discuss some of the most effective methods to help you beat candy crush level 46.

Tip 1: Focus On Clearing The Jelly

The primary objective of candy crush level 46 is to clear all the jelly, which can be challenging if you are not strategic with your moves. Here are some key points to remember to help you clear the jelly:

  • Always aim at clearing the jelly in the lower rows first as increasing the chances of creating special candies
  • Do not waste moves making candy matches in rows where there is no jelly
  • Try to make matches near the bottom row to give candies more movement to clear more jellies

Tip 2: Use Special Candies Effectively

Special candies such as striped and wrapped candies can help you clear jelly effectively. Here’s how you can use them most effectively:

  • Aim to combine two special candies that can clear more jelly at once, such as striped and wrapped, or wrapped and color bomb candies.
  • Use striped candies horizontally to clear entire rows.
  • Use wrapped candies to clear multiple jellies at once, especially when positioned next to the jelly.

Tip 3: Use Combinations Of Special Candies

Combining special candies is an excellent candy crush strategy as it can lead to more successful moves. Here are a few points to remember when combining candies:

  • Combine two special candies to create a more powerful one.
  • Combine color bombs with wrapped or striped candies for maximum impact.
  • Position special candies near each other to increase the chances of future combinations.

Tip 4: Be Strategic In Using Moves

Candy Crush is all about using your moves strategically to progress through levels. Here’s how to be strategic with your moves:

  • Plan before making a move and visualize its effects.
  • Aim to make matches that can produce special candies.
  • Avoid using moves that have no impact on the board.

Tip 5: Practice And Patience

Finally, as with most puzzle games, practice makes perfect. Here are a few things to remember:

  • Practice every day to develop your skills.
  • Be patient as some levels may take several attempts to master.
  • Never give up, and keep trying until you beat the level.

Candy crush level 46 can be challenging, but by following these tips, you can beat it. Remember to focus on clearing the jelly, use special candies effectively, combine them strategically, be strategic about your moves, and practice patience. With these tips, you’ll be able to move on to the next level in no time!


Frequently Asked Questions For How To Beat Candy Crush Level 46

How To Beat Candy Crush Level 46?

To beat candy crush level 46, focus on breaking jellies in the middle. Create color bombs, striped candies, and wrapped candies to clear the board. Make moves near the bottom to create cascading candies and increase your chances of clearing the board.

How Many Moves Do You Get In Candy Crush Level 46?

You’ll get 35 moves in candy crush level 46. To pass the level, you must clear all the jellies on the board. Use your moves wisely to create power-ups and clear the board quickly.

What Are Some Tips For Candy Crush Level 46?

Create power-ups and combos like color bombs, wrapped candies, and striped candies to clear the board. Focus on the jellies in the center and make moves near the bottom to increase your chances of clearing the board.

Why Is Candy Crush Level 46 Difficult?

Candy crush level 46 is difficult because of the narrow board space and the limited number of moves you have. You need to clear all the jellies on the board, and some blocks require several hits to clear. You must also create power-ups and combos to clear the board quickly.

When Do You Unlock Candy Crush Level 46?

Candy crush level 46 unlocks after you complete level 35. To reach level 46, you must complete levels 1 to 35. You can also unlock higher levels by making in-app purchases or asking friends for life and ticket gifts.


Beating candy crush level 46 may seem like an impossible feat, but with a little bit of strategy and patience, anyone can achieve it. Remember to always focus on clearing the jelly and using special candy combinations to your advantage.

Take advantage of the sugar crush bonus to clear any remaining blockers and earn extra points. Don’t forget to utilize boosters when necessary, but be mindful of when they will be most effective. Practice makes perfect, so don’t get discouraged if you don’t beat the level on your first try.

Keep trying and eventually, you will overcome the challenge. With these tips in mind, you’re on your way to becoming a candy crush master. Happy crushing!


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