Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide


Crafting a healer pixelmon involves combining one diamond and four aluminum plates in a crafting table. This recipe creates a machine that can heal pokemon.

Pixelmon is a popular mod that brings pokemon into minecraft. One of the first things players will want to do is craft a healer pixelmon. This machine is crucial for keeping your pokemon healthy and ready for battle. To craft a healer pixelmon, you’ll need one diamond and four aluminum plates.

These can be obtained through mining or trading with other players. Once you have the materials, place them in a crafting table to create the healer. With your pixelmon adventure now underway, you can explore the world and experience all the mod has to offer.

Master the Art of Crafting a Healer Pixelmon: A Step-by-Step Guide


Identifying The Best Pokémon For Healing

Characteristics Of The Best Pokémon For Healing

When it comes to crafting a healer pixelmon, it’s crucial to identify the best pokémon for the job. Below are some of the characteristics that the ideal pokémon for healing should possess:

  • High special defense: This is the most important characteristic for a healing pokémon because it ensures they can withstand special attacks from opponents with ease.
  • Fast recovery: The ability to recover quickly is vital for a healing pokémon. They should be able to replenish their health and energy levels rapidly so that they can get back into the battle.
  • Wide movepool: A good healing pokémon should have a diverse movepool that allows them to use a variety of healing moves, such as aromatherapy, heal bell and soft-boiled.
  • Reliable: Healing pokémon must be reliable so that they can perform their job effectively. They need to be able to heal their teammates consistently without any issues.

Examples Of The Best Pokémon For Healing

Now that you know the characteristics that an ideal healing pokémon should possess, let’s take a look at some examples of the best pokémon for this role:

  • Blissey: Blissey is one of the best healing pokémon due to her exceptionally high special defense and hp stats, making her an ideal tank. She can learn a wide variety of healing moves and support moves like light screen and thunder wave that can benefit her team greatly.
  • Chansey: Chansey, the pre-evolution of blissey, is similar to her evolved form but has a lower hp pool. However, what she lacks in hp she makes up for in special defense and speed, making her a great healer for fast-paced battles.
  • Clefable: Clefable is an excellent choice for a healer. She has dependable stats, great abilities, and a vast movepool, making her exceptional support for any team. She is fast, versatile and can heal her teammates with moves like soft-boiled, moonlight, and heal bell.
  • Toxapex: Toxapex is one of the tankiest pokémon and can be an excellent choice for a healer in water-based teams. It can withstand both physical and special attacks quickly and heal its teammates with moves like recover, which restores up to half of its health.

Crafting a healer pixelmon is all about identifying the right characterstics in a pokémon and selecting the best one for the job. With this guide, you should now have a better idea of what characteristics make an ideal healing pokémon and which ones are the best for the role.

Catching A Healer Pixelmon

Catching a healer pixelmon is an essential task for any pokemon trainer. Healer pixelmon has incredible healing abilities that can be extremely helpful during battles. However, catching a healer pixelmon requires proper preparation and techniques. In this blog post, we will take you through the process of catching healer pixelmon, from preparing to tips for increasing your chances of catching one.

How To Prepare For The Catch

Before catching a healer pixelmon, you need to prepare yourself and your pokemon. Here are some key points to consider:

  • Make sure that your pokemon is well-rested and has enough energy for the battle.
  • Equip your pokemon with the right items, such as berries, that can help with its health and status.
  • Carry pokeballs with you that have a high capture rate, such as ultra balls.
  • Identify the habitats of healer pixelmon and plan your route accordingly.

Techniques For Catching A Healer Pixelmon

Catching a healer pixelmon requires strategic techniques. Here are some techniques that can help you catch healer pixelmon:

  • Use moves that do not cause damage, such as sleep or paralysis, to calm healer pixelmon down.
  • Lower the healer pixelmon’s hp to increase your chances of capture.
  • Use pokeballs that have a higher capture rate to maximize your chance of success.

Tips For Increasing The Chances Of Catching One

Here are some tips that can help you increase your chances of catching a healer pixelmon:

  • Try to catch healer pixelmon at night or during the early hours of the morning, as this is when they are most active.
  • Look for healer pixelmon in areas where they are more likely to spawn, such as grassy fields or near water sources.
  • Patience is key. Do not rush the capture and take your time to strategize.

Catching a healer pixelmon requires patience, preparation and strategic techniques. With the right moves, pokeballs and tips, you can catch a healer pixelmon and boost your pokemon’s healing abilities.

Training Your Healer Pixelmon

Importance Of Training Your Healer Pixelmon

Training your healer pixelmon is crucial for your success in pixelmon gameplay. Your healer pixelmon is your team’s backbone, responsible for restoring your team members’ hp after battles. Without proper training, healer pixelmon won’t be able to perform efficiently in battles.

Therefore, it’s essential to train your healer pixelmon. Here are some reasons why you should put efforts into the training of your healer pokemon:

  • Trained healer pixelmon can restore your pokemon’s hp better and faster.
  • Having a well-trained healer pixelmon in battles is necessary for winning difficult battles.
  • A properly trained healer pokemon can use better moves and restore more hp.

Tips For Training Your Healer Pixelmon

Training a healer pixelmon might seem a bit tough at first, but these training tips will surely help you transform your pixelmon from weak to strong.

  • Give them an exp. Share: One of the easiest and most effective ways to train your healer pixelmon is to give them an exp. Share. By doing this, they can earn experience points even when they are not participating in battles.
  • Use a potion: Before sending out your injured pokemon to the healer pokemon, use a potion on them. This technique accelerates the healer’s training during battles and enables them to earn more experience points.
  • Let them participate in battles: This might sound risky, but allowing your healer pixelmon to participate in battles will help them gain experience points. Make sure the battles are not too tough, or they will faint.
  • Focus on hp restoring moves: For quick and efficient healing, you must train your healer pixelmon with the best hp restoring moves. This way, they will have the skills to restore your injured pokemon’s hp quickly during battles.

Common Mistakes To Avoid

In the process of training your healer pixelmon, there are a few mistakes that you should avoid making.

  • Neglecting your healer pixelmon and letting them faint frequently.
  • Forgetting to switch out your healer pixelmon during battles.
  • Not using potions on your injured pokemon before healing them.
  • Training them with ineffective moves.

To sum it up, training your healer pixelmon for efficient healing is necessary for successful gameplay. Ensure you follow these training tips and avoid common mistakes to have the best healer pixelmon in battles. Train, train, and train until your healer is a pro!

Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

Pixelmon is a popular minecraft mod that allows you to catch and battle pokemon in your minecraft world. As you explore your minecraft world, your pixelmon will often take damage during battles. The good news is, you can craft a healer pixelmon to heal your injured team.

Here’s how you can craft your own healer pixelmon to nurse your pokemon back to health.

Necessary Materials For Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

To craft a healer pixelmon, you need to gather the following materials:

  • Four iron ingots
  • One diamond
  • One glowstone dust

Steps To Follow When Crafting A Healer Pixelmon

Once you have gathered all the necessary materials, follow these steps to craft your healer pixelmon:

  • Open your crafting table in minecraft.
  • Place the four iron ingots in each corner of the crafting table.
  • Place the diamond in the center of the crafting table.
  • Place the glowstone dust in the top-center slot of the crafting table.
  • Once you have arranged all of the materials in the crafting table, your healer pixelmon should appear in the result slot.

Testing Your Healer Pixelmon

Now that you have crafted your healer pixelmon, it’s time to test it out. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Place your healer pixelmon on the ground.
  • Right-click on your healer pixelmon to activate it.
  • Once activated, your healer pixelmon will heal any injured pokemon that are nearby.

Crafting a healer pixelmon is an essential skill for any pixelmon player. With just a few simple steps, you can create your own healer pixelmon and nurse your pokemon back to full health. Get crafting today and keep your pixelmon team in top shape!

Frequently Asked Questions Of How To Craft A Healer Pixelmon

What Are The Best Pixelmon For Healers?

Some of the best pixelmon for healers include chansey, blissey, audino, and alomomola. Their high hp and healing moves make them valuable assets to any team.

Which Moves Are The Best For A Healer Pixelmon?

Some of the best moves for a healer pixelmon include soft-boiled, wish, heal pulse, and recover. These moves can restore hp to both the healer and their teammates.

How Do You Train A Healer Pixelmon?

Training a healer pixelmon involves focusing on their hp and special defense stats. Leveling up their healing moves is also important for maximum effectiveness.

Can A Healer Pixelmon Also Be A Strong Attacker?

Yes, some healer pixelmon such as audino and blissey have high special attack stats and can be trained to be strong attackers while still providing valuable healing support.

How Do I Incorporate A Healer Pixelmon Into My Team?

Incorporating a healer pixelmon into your team involves considering their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the needs of your other team members. Having a balanced team is crucial for success in battles.


Crafting a healer pixelmon is no easy feat, but with the right understanding, it can be a particularly rewarding experience. As we’ve discussed, choosing the right pixelmon with suitable abilities and moves, providing it with necessary equipment, and leveling up its stats are all essential pieces of the puzzle.

Crafting a healer pixelmon can significantly enhance your gameplay experience and assist you in your quests. As a trainer, you will not only be able to perform better in battles but also become a valuable team player among your peers.

Remember, mastery always begins with practice and perseverance. With the right amount of dedication and patience, you too can craft a healer pixelmon that will take you to new heights in the world of pixelmon. So, grab your pixelmon and let the journey begin!

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