How to Make Earthquake: Master Little Alchemy in Minutes


To make an earthquake in little alchemy, combine the following two elements: continent and fault. To create an earthquake in the popular game, little alchemy, it only takes two elements: continent and fault.

While earthquakes can bring destruction and chaos to our world, in little alchemy, it can be a fun and fascinating experiment. Little alchemy is a game that allows players to combine different elements to create new ones. With over 500 elements to choose from, players can test out various combinations to create new worlds, creatures, and natural disasters.

In this article, we will explore how to make an earthquake in little alchemy, the history of earthquakes, and its impact on humans and the environment.

How to Make Earthquake: Master Little Alchemy in Minutes


Understanding The Basics Of Little Alchemy

Little alchemy is a fascinating game that allows you to combine different elements to create new ones. Although it may seem complicated at first, mastering the game is a matter of understanding its mechanics and the basic elements required to create each creation.

We’ll discuss the basics of little alchemy and how to create the earthquake element.

Explanation Of Game Mechanics (Drag-And-Drop Elements To Combine)

Little alchemy is a game of exploration and experimentation. The goal of the game is to combine two elements to create a new one. You start with four basic elements: air, earth, fire, and water. Once you combine these elements, you’ll unlock more complex ones, such as lava, steam, and storm.

The game mechanics are simple: drag and drop two elements onto the game board, and see what happens. If they combine into a new element, it will appear on your list of unlocked elements, and you can use it to create more complex creations.

List Of Basic Elements Needed To Create Earthquake

Creating the earthquake element in little alchemy requires a specific combination of basic elements. Here’s a list of what you need:

  • Energy: This element is created by combining air and fire, two of the starting elements in the game.
  • Pressure: You can create pressure by combining earth and air.
  • Earthquake: Combine energy and pressure to create the earthquake element.

Creating earthquake is relatively straightforward once you have the necessary elements. However, don’t be surprised if it takes a few attempts to get it right. That’s part of the charm of little alchemy.

Now that you understand the basics of little alchemy and how to create an earthquake, you’re ready to continue exploring the game’s vast universe of elements. So, what are you waiting for? Start experimenting and have fun!

Creating The Earth Element

Are you looking for a fun game that can quickly become addictive? Little alchemy can be just what you need! In this game, you combine various elements to create new ones, and one of these combinations is creating an earthquake.

In this post, we will focus on creating the earth element, which is one of the basic elements needed to achieve this goal.

Explanation Of What The Earth Element Is And How To Use It For Earthquake

Before we dive into how to create the earth element, let’s discuss what it is and how it can be used to make an earthquake. The earth element is a basic element in little alchemy that is used to create many other elements.

You need it to create all kinds of rocks, clay, and soil, as well as to make a mountain. And if you want to create an earthquake, you will need the earth element as one of the necessary items.

Steps To Create The Earth Element

Here is a step-by-step guide on how to create the earth element in little alchemy:

  • Open little alchemy game on your device.
  • Click on the earth element, which is located right at the center at the bottom of the screen.
  • Drag the earth element towards the other elements such as air, water, fire, or other earth element that can combine together, which will create new elements.
  • One of the combinations is air plus fire, which will create energy. Another one is water plus water that creates sea or ocean. The combination of two earth elements results in a continent, while the combination of an earth element and fire will create lava. Combining energy with the earth element will create a “meteor.”

After you have the earth element, you can continue on to create an earthquake. You will need to combine earth element, energy element, and pressure element to make an earthquake in little alchemy.

Overall, creating an earthquake in little alchemy is a fun and exciting challenge that will need a bit of your intelligence and patience. With these simple steps, you can create the earth element that will put you one step closer to causing an earthquake.

Start playing little alchemy now, and have fun creating different elements from only a few basic ones!

Creating The Pressure Element

Making an earthquake in little alchemy may sound like a tall order, but it’s easy with some guidance and tips. Creating the pressure element is a crucial step in achieving the earthquake, so let’s dive right in!

Steps To Create The Pressure Element

Creating the pressure element may require a bit of experimentation, but it’s not too tricky. Follow these simple steps to craft it:

  • Open little alchemy on your device or browser
  • Combine air and earth elements to create dust
  • Mix air and heat elements to create energy
  • Next, combine dust and energy to create pressure

Remember to keep in mind that the dust must be combined first before mixing it with the energy element. Once you have successfully created the pressure element, you can move on to making your earthquake in little alchemy!

Explanation Of What The Pressure Element Is And How To Use It For Earthquake

To understand the role of the pressure element in making an earthquake, we must first understand what pressure is. In little alchemy, pressure represents the force exerted by an object evenly over a surface area. When energy and dust are mixed to create pressure, it produces a subtle but powerful force that we can use in various combinations with other elements.

Here’s how you can leverage the pressure element for the earthquake:

  • Combine pressure and earth to make earthquake

The pressure element is a vital ingredient needed to combine with earth and cause an earthquake in little alchemy. Remember, the pressure element is highly versatile and can be used in other combinations to create various other compounds. Using it creatively can help you level up your game in little alchemy.

So, experiment, and have fun!

Combining Earth And Pressure To Make An Explosion

If you’ve ever played the game little alchemy, you may be wondering how to make an earthquake. This seemingly challenging task might surprise you with how simple it is. By combining the earth and pressure elements, you can create this natural disaster.

Explanation Of How Earthquake Is Made By Combining The Earth And Pressure Elements

An earthquake is created in little alchemy by combining the earth and pressure elements. When these two elements are combined, it creates a powerful force that can shake the ground and cause chaos.

Step-By-Step Instructions On How To Make An Earthquake

Here are some simple steps to follow in order to make an earthquake in little alchemy:

  • Open little alchemy on your device or computer.
  • Locate the earth element and click or tap on it to select it.
  • Find the pressure element and click or tap on it to select it as well.
  • Drag the pressure element onto the earth element and release it. The two will combine to form a new element: Earthquake.
  • If you’ve followed all the steps correctly, you’ll see the earthquake element icon appear on your screen.

And that’s it! With just a few easy steps, you can now add earthquake to your list of little alchemy elements. Just be careful not to combine it with any other elements that might create a massive explosion.

Remember, in little alchemy, combining elements to create new ones is the key to unlocking the game’s full potential. So, keep experimenting and have fun!

Mastering Little Alchemy

Are you struggling to figure out how to master little alchemy? Do you want to learn how to create a variety of elements, including an earthquake? With a few simple tips and tricks, you can become a little alchemy pro in no time.

Tips For Mastering Little Alchemy

To excel at little alchemy, keep these tips in mind:

  • Start with the basics: Begin with the simple elements, such as water, fire, air, and earth, before you experiment with more complex combinations.
  • Observe the patterns: Keep an eye out for common trends and patterns, as they will help you create new elements and combinations with ease.
  • Test everything: Experiment with different combinations to see what works best for you. Remember, there are no wrong answers in little alchemy.
  • Get creative: Don’t limit yourself to traditional elements. Try using different materials to create unique combinations and see what happens.

How To Experiment With Creating Different Elements

Here’s how to experiment with creating different elements in little alchemy:

  • Start by creating the basic elements. Mix and match water, fire, air, and earth in different combinations to see what happens.
  • Combine two of the same element to create a new one. For example, mixing two waters will create a puddle, while two fires will result in a flame.
  • Pay attention to the reactions of each element. Certain combinations may lead to a reaction that creates a new element.
  • Try adding different materials to your experiments, such as stone or wood, to see what happens.
  • Don’t be afraid to mix and match seemingly unrelated elements. You never know what you might create next.

Remember, the key to mastering little alchemy is to experiment and have fun. With these tips, you’ll be creating earthquakes and other complex elements in no time.

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make Earthquake In Little Alchemy

How Do You Make An Earthquake In Little Alchemy?

To make an earthquake in little alchemy, you need to combine two natural elements: pressure and earth. Click on the pressure icon, then drag and drop it onto the earth icon. This will create an earthquake icon, and you can use it to create other elements.

What Are The Primary Ingredients Of An Earthquake?

A massive release of energy causes an earthquake, typically resulting from the movement of tectonic plates. The epicenter is where the plates slip and release seismic waves. Depending on the movement of the plates, waves can be vertical or horizontal and can cause damage to infrastructure.

What Are Some Of The Secondary Effects Of An Earthquake?

Some of the secondary effects of an earthquake include liquefaction, landslides, mudflows, fires, tsunamis, and floods. Liquefaction occurs when the shaking causes water-saturated soil to lose their strength, resulting in a loosening effect that can be damaging to infrastructure. Landslides and mudflows can occur when slopes are destabilized.

What Other Natural Disasters Can Little Alchemy Create?

Besides creating an earthquake, little alchemy enables you to create other natural disasters such as flood, hurricane, tornado, and tsunami. Click on the corresponding icons and combine them to get the disaster you desire.

Can You Undo The Earthquake In Little Alchemy?

Yes, you can undo the earthquake in little alchemy, but you need to create an opposite element that undoes the disaster. Combination of fire and water creates steam, which can revert the earthquake icon to its initial components.


With the right combination of elements, creating an earthquake in little alchemy may seem like a daunting task. However, by following the steps outlined in this post and experimenting with different combinations, you’ll be able to add this powerful element to your collection.

Remember, little alchemy is all about being creative and discovering new possibilities. From earthquakes to volcanoes, the game allows you to explore the world around us in a fun and interactive way. So, get ready to keep mixing and see what other exciting elements you can discover.

With a little persistence and patience, you’ll soon be a little alchemy expert and impress your friends with your newfound knowledge. Happy mixing!

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