Mastering Little Alchemy: Crafting Poop like a Pro

To make poop in little alchemy, combine human and manure. Little alchemy is a fun, addictive game that challenges players to combine various elements to form new ones.

The goal is to create as many new elements as possible, and poop is one of the more unusual ones. By combining the human and manure elements, players can create poop in little alchemy. While it may seem like an unlikely combination, the game encourages creative thinking and experimentation.

With dozens of elements to discover and combine, players can spend hours exploring all the possibilities. So if you’re looking for a fun and challenging game to keep you entertained, give little alchemy a try. Just don’t forget to wash your hands after making your poop!

Mastering Little Alchemy: Crafting Poop like a Pro


Understanding Little Alchemy Elements

If you’re a fan of solving mind-bending puzzles, you’ve probably played little alchemy before. The game challenges you to combine various elements to create new items, all while trying to make the ultimate concoction, poop! As simple as it sounds, creating the elusive excrement can be challenging, especially if you’re new to the game.

That’s why we’ve created this guide to help you understand little alchemy elements better.

List Of Basic Elements

Before you can make poop, you need to understand the basic elements in little alchemy. Here’s a list of some of the fundamental elements in the game:

  • Air
  • Earth
  • Fire
  • Water
  • Acid
  • Alcohol
  • Bacteria
  • Bird
  • Cat
  • Cloud
  • Cold
  • Container
  • Dust
  • Egg
  • Energy
  • Flower
  • Fruit
  • Human
  • Metal
  • Milk
  • Mud
  • Plant
  • Rain
  • Sand
  • Seed
  • Smoke
  • Steam
  • Stone
  • Sugar
  • Sun
  • Tree
  • Wheat
  • Wood

Explanation Of How Elements Can Be Combined

In little alchemy, combining two elements can create a new item. However, not all elements can be combined. Some combinations may not create anything, and some may create unexpected results. Here’s a simple explanation of how elements can be combined:

  • Drag one of the elements onto the other on the game board.
  • If the combination is viable, a new item will be created.
  • If the combination does not work, you will need to try a different combination.

Tips On Discovering New Elements

Discovering new elements is essential to creating poop in little alchemy. The game has over 700 possible combinations, so here are some tips to help you discover new elements:

  • Combine similar items. For example, combining earth and sand may create a new item.
  • Experiment with opposites. For example, combining fire and water may create a new item.
  • Try combining two of the same item. For example, combining milk and milk may create a new item.
  • Don’t be afraid to try different combinations. You never know what might work!

Now that you know the basics, you’re ready to start combining elements and making poop in little alchemy. Have fun discovering all the possibilities!

Crafting Basic Poop In Little Alchemy

Overview Of Creating Basic Poop

Little alchemy is an exciting game that lets you use your imagination to create new elements by combining different objects and natural phenomena. One of the most basic and hilarious elements you can make in this game is poop. Crafting poop in little alchemy is easy and doesn’t require any particular skill or expertise.

Illustration Of How Elements Can Be Combined To Craft Poop

Crafting poop in little alchemy involves combining two elements: humans and animals. To get the poop icon, players need to combine humans with either cows, pigs, or chickens. Players can drag and drop the elements onto the workspace, where they touch to create the desired product.

Step-By-Step Process Of Creating Poop In Little Alchemy

Here are the step-by-step instructions to create basic poop in little alchemy:

  • Go to the little alchemy website or download the app. Open the game.
  • Locate the ‘human’ element in the workspace and drag it onto the workspace.
  • Choose one among these three animals – cow, pig or chicken. Click on one of them to select an animal.
  • Drag the animal on top of the human element.
  • Wait for few seconds and see what appears in the workspace – you should see a brown poop icon.

That’s it! You now have a basic poop element in little alchemy, created by combining a human with an animal.

Crafting poop in little alchemy is a fun and exciting way to explore the world of science and creativity. Use your imagination to combine different elements and discover new ones. And always remember – as in real life, poop plays a crucial role in little alchemy too!


The Art Of Advanced Poop Crafting

Poop crafting is an essential part of the game little alchemy. But, making advanced poop requires more than just combining a couple of elements. It’s an art that requires patience, technique, and attention to detail.

Advantages Of Advanced Poop Crafting

Why should you learn to make advanced poop? Here are some advantages:

  • Advanced poops can be combined with other items to create new objects.
  • They can open up new possibilities in the game.
  • You will obtain more points than basic poops.

List Of Advanced Poop Crafting Techniques

Here’s how to create advanced poop:

  • Combine two basic poops to get a dirty poo.
  • Mix a dirty poo with another basic element, such as water, to create a mud.
  • Combine a mud with another dirty poo to get a swamp, or with a plant to create a bog.
  • Mix a swamp with a plant to get moss or algae, or with an animal to create a reptile or a frog.

Explanation Of Advanced Poop Crafting Elements

To create advanced poop, you need to combine different elements. Here are some examples:

  • Water: This element can be combined with a dirty poo to create mud and mixed with other elements to create a swamp or a bog.
  • Plant: Mix a plant with a mud, a swamp or a bog to create moss or algae.
  • Animal: Combine an animal with a swamp to create a reptile or a frog.

Mastering advanced poop crafting can take your little alchemy game to a whole new level. By following these techniques, you’ll be able to create new objects and unlock more possibilities. Happy crafting!

Tips And Tricks For Mastering Little Alchemy: Crafting Poop Like A Pro

Are you struggling with crafting poop in little alchemy? Look no further, as we have some tips and tricks to help you master the art of crafting poop like a pro.

Importance Of Practice

To get the hang of crafting poop, you need to practice. The more practice you get, the easier it becomes. Here are some ways to practice:

  • Keep experimenting with different combinations until you find the right one.
  • Use hints and watch tutorials to get an idea of what combinations to use.
  • Familiarize yourself with all the elements in the game.

Secrets To Mastering Poop Crafting

Crafting poop may seem like a daunting task, but with the right strategy, it can be easy. Here are some secrets to help you:

  • Combine bacteria and swamp to create mud.
  • Combine mud and plant to create grass.
  • Combine grass and livestock to create cow.
  • Combine cow and human to create manure, which is commonly known as poop in the game.

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

Q: Can You Make Poop In Little Alchemy 2?

A: yes, you can make poop in little alchemy 2 by following specific combinations.

Q: What Are The Different Combinations To Make Poop?

A: bacteria + swamp = mud, mud + plant = grass, grass + livestock = cow, and cow + human = manure/poop.

Q: How Many Elements Are In Little Alchemy?

A: there are a total of 720 elements in little alchemy.

Q: How Many Elements Are Required To Make Poop?

A: four elements are required to make poop – bacteria, swamp, plant, and livestock.

Crafting poop in little alchemy can be easy with the right strategy and practice. By following the tips and tricks mentioned above, you can master the art of crafting poop like a pro. So, what are you waiting for? Get started on your poop crafting journey today!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Make Poop In Little Alchemy

How Do I Make Poop In Little Alchemy?

To make poop in little alchemy, you need to combine two elements: manure and time. Once you have combined these two, you will create the new element, poop.

What Is Little Alchemy?

Little alchemy is a free online game that allows you to combine elements to create new elements. The game begins with four basic elements, and as you start combining them, you create new elements.

What Can You Make In Little Alchemy?

In little alchemy, you can create a wide range of elements, from simple ones such as air, earth, water, and fire, to more complex ones like bacteria, robots, and even unicorns. In total, there are 560 elements to create!

Can I Play Little Alchemy On My Phone?

Yes, you can play little alchemy on your phone. There are mobile versions of the game available for both ios and Android platforms. You can download the game from their respective app stores for free.

Is There A Time Limit For Little Alchemy?

No, there is no time limit for little alchemy. You can take as much time as you want to create the different elements, and there is no penalty for taking your time. The game is designed to be played at your own pace.

How Many Levels Are There In Little Alchemy?

There are no levels in little alchemy. The game consists of a single screen, and you can unlock all 560 elements by combining different pairs of elements. It’s up to you to figure out which elements to combine to create new elements.


In little alchemy, making poop might sound like a weird and gross thing, but it’s a fun challenge to complete. By mixing the right elements, you can create something unexpected and hilarious. Try different combinations of earth, mud, and animal-related icons to generate new elements that will ultimately lead to the creation of poop.

As with any game, patience and persistence pay off in discovering the secret to making poop in little alchemy. Remember to follow the correct order of mixing and take your time to come up with new ideas. With some creativity and a bit of imagination, you can create numerous other elements and discover what else is hidden beneath the surface of this fun game.

So, keep exploring little alchemy, have fun, and see how many different things you can make!


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