How to Master Throw Throw Avocado: Ultimate Game Tips

To play throw throw avocado, players take turns using their action cards to throw, pass, or swap avocados in order to collect sets and score points. Throw throw avocado is a fun and fast-paced card game that combines strategy and silly humor.

Similar to the popular game of uno, players take turns trying to discard all of their cards while disrupting the game for their opponents. The game is played with a deck of cards featuring different actions such as throwing, passing, or swapping avocados.

By collecting sets of matching avocados, players can earn bonus points and win the game. With its quirky theme and easy-to-learn rules, throw throw avocado is a great choice for game night with family and friends.

How to Master Throw Throw Avocado: Ultimate Game Tips


The Basic Rules Of Throw Throw Avocado

Throw-throw avocado is a game that involves throwing an avocado to other players. Although it seems simple, the game has several rules that are instrumental to enjoy and win the game. In this blog post, i will explain the basic rules of throw throw avocado, how to start the game, how to score points, and how to win the game.

Explanation Of The Basic Rules Of The Game

  • Players stand in a circle and throw a plush avocado to each other.
  • The goal is to avoid dropping the avocado.
  • Players can use any body part to catch and throw the avocado.
  • The avocado should not have more than three throws before being caught by another player.
  • If a player drops the avocado, they are out of the game.

How To Start The Game

  • Determine the order of the players either by age, height, or by the order that players are standing in the circle.
  • The first player starts the game by throwing the avocado to another player.
  • The game continues until only one player remains.

How To Score And Win

  • Players receive a point for each successfully completed throw.
  • The player that remains in the game without dropping the avocado until the end wins the game.
  • If multiple players remain at the end of the game, the game restarts until one player remains.

With these basic rules, you and your friends can enjoy a fun and exciting game of throw throw avocado. Try it out and see who will be the last player standing.

Key Strategies And Tips For Winning Throw Throw Avocado

The Importance Of Strategy In Winning The Game

Throw throw avocado is a game that requires not only luck but also strategy. The following are key points to consider to win the game:

  • Plan ahead: Decide which moves to make before taking action.
  • Observe the game: Pay attention to other players’ moves and the state of the game.
  • Know your cards: Study and analyze each card, finding their strengths and strategy, and pair them with other cards.
  • Be unpredictable: Mix up your actions to confuse opponents.

The Concept Of “Reading” Your Opponents

One of the unique features of throw throw avocado is the ability to “read” your opponents’ moves. This is how to do that:

  • Observe behavior: Watch players’ expressions, body language, and hear comments to anticipate their actions.
  • Eliminate issues: Try to deduce which cards other players could have and eliminate those cards as options when considering your next move.
  • Predict moves: Determine which action each player is likely to take based on previous moves.
  • Take a risk: When the above-noted option is unavailable, make a calculated guess using probability.

Tips For Predicting Your Opponent’S Moves And Staying Ahead

Knowing your opponents’ moves in advance and staying ahead will help you win the game. Here are some tips for doing that:

  • Anticipate movements: Predict what cards other players have based on previous moves.
  • Control the game: Pay attention to the state of the game and take control of the cards.
  • Keep spare cards: Keep backup cards to use later in the game.
  • Choose wisely: Take advantage of the available cards and choose those that can give you an advantage during the game.

The Importance Of Quick Reflexes And Timing

Winning in throw throw avocado also requires quick reflexes and timing. Here are some tips on how to maximize quick reflexes and timing:

  • Be fast: Respond quickly to the other player’s movements.
  • Don’t hesitate: When it’s your turn, take quick action without delay.
  • Keep thinking: Think ahead while taking quick movements.
  • Stay present: Pay attention to the game state all the time.

How To Maximize Points

The ultimate goal of throw throw avocado is to score the most points. Here are some tips for maximizing points:

  • Use pairing: Combine the cards you have to achieve the maximum score.
  • Think about the next move: Plan your moves in advance to score more points.
  • Pick the right card: Choose the appropriate card for the situation and score.
  • Take the last chance: Use the final move to score the most points.

By following the tips mentioned above, players can improve their chances of winning throw throw avocado. Remember, practice makes perfect!


Advanced Techniques For Throw Throw Avocado

Throw avocado is an exciting and hilarious game that is easy to learn but tough to master. The game involves throwing a soft, plush avocado at other players, with the aim of collecting the most points. In this blog post, we will be discussing advanced techniques for throw throw avocado, focusing on tips and tricks that players can use to take their gameplay to the next level.

Advanced Techniques For Players Who Have Mastered The Basics

To improve your gameplay in throw throw avocado, it is essential to master the basic rules of the game. Once you’ve got a good grip on the fundamentals, it’s time to explore advanced techniques that can enhance your gameplay. Here are some pro tips:

  • Keep track of the cards that other players hold.
  • Try to predict what other players will do and use that to your advantage.
  • Practice your throwing skills to improve accuracy and speed.
  • Experiment with different gameplay strategies to find what works best for you.
  • Stay alert and focused throughout the game.

The Importance Of Using Special Cards At The Right Time

Throw avocado includes special cards that can give you an edge over your opponents. However, it’s crucial to use these cards strategically to ensure that they have the maximum impact. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Special cards are limited, so use them wisely.
  • Consider the timing carefully when playing your special card.
  • Don’t just play a special card for the sake of using it; make sure it aligns with your overall game strategy.

Tips For Using Special Cards To Create Game-Changing Moments

To make the most of special cards in throw avocado, it’s essential to understand the unique benefits that each card provides. Here are some practical tips:

  • Use the “squish” card to take a player out of the round completely.
  • The “peel” card can be used to force another player to lose points.
  • The “mash” card can enable you to steal points from another player.
  • The “boom” card is an excellent way to clear the way for you to score points.
  • The “guac” card enables you to double your points, but it also puts a target on your back.

How To Use “Avocado” Cards Strategically To Gain Points

Avocado cards are the key to scoring points in throw throw avocado. However, it’s essential to use them strategically to ensure that you maximize your points. Here are some tips:

  • Use the “avocado smash” card when you’re confident that you can hit your target accurately.
  • The “avocado toast” card can grant you a bonus point if you manage to hit a specific target.
  • The “avocado half” card is an excellent option to get points while keeping a low profile.

These advanced techniques and tips will serve as a great starting point to take your gameplay in throw avocado to the next level. Practice these techniques, experiment with different strategies and most importantly, have fun!

Fun Variations Of Throw Throw Avocado

Throw Avocado is an enjoyable and lively card game that is easy to learn and perfect for anyone who wants a fun time with family or friends, or even solo playing. With its popularity massively increasing across the world, players have come up with variants to enhance the excitement and challenge of the game.

This post will explore some of the fun variations and the benefits of playing them to improve players’ gameplay strategies.

Variations Of Throw Throw Avocado That Add Excitement And Fun To The Game

Throw throw avocado has gained much popularity for its flexibility, allowing players to add their unique variations to increase the thrill. Here are some of the most intriguing:

  • The crab revenge: In this variant, when a player plays a ‘steal’ card, the player can also put the card in reverse. Thus, if the next player also plays a ‘steal’ card, the first player will get the card back, preventing others from stealing it.
  • The revenge party: In this variant, players can play a ‘discard’ card at any time, except during the first turn, eliminating a card and playing the next one.
  • The avocado war: In this variant, when a player wins a round, the winner can choose to keep the card or give it to another player, creating a more competitive and challenging gameplay experience.

The Benefits Of Playing Variations To Improve Gameplay Strategy

Playing throw-throw avocado’s variations help players improve their gameplay strategy in several ways. These include:

  • Improve memory retention: Variations like ‘crab revenge’ help players’ brains to retain information in different ways, leading to better concentration and recall when playing the game.
  • Increase strategic thinking: As players play different variations, they learn how to think strategically about each move. This leads to better game management and an enhanced gaming experience in future games.
  • Encourage creativity: Variations encourage player creativity, leading to a more varied and exciting gameplay experience.

Rules And Variations Of Each Gameplay

Each throw throw avocado variation has its rules. Here are the rules of the three primary variations highlighted previously:

The Crab Revenge

  • Each player draws six cards.
  • Players take turns playing cards from their decks.
  • Players can play the “steal” card to take a card from another player.
  • In this variation, the second player can also play a “steal” card to prevent the first player from getting the card.
  • If a player plays the ‘steal’ card in reverse, they can keep the card stolen from the other player.

The Revenge Party

  • Each player draws six cards.
  • Players take turns playing cards from their decks.
  • Players can play “discard” card at any time, except during the first turn.
  • After a player discards a card, they can choose to take the next one.

The Avocado War

  • Each player draws three cards.
  • Players take turns playing cards from their decks.
  • The player who wins the round can choose to keep the card or give it to another player.

Playing different variations of throw avocado provides an excellent opportunity to enhance the gameplay experience. By improving memory retention, strategic thinking, and creativity, players can increase their chances of winning and having fun. Give one of the above variants a try and see how you and your friends enjoy the game!

Frequently Asked Questions On How To Play Throw Throw Avocado

How Many Players Can Play Throw Throw Avocado?

Throw avocado can be played with two to six players.

What Is The Objective Of Throw Throw Avocado?

The objective of throw avocado is to be the last player standing while dodging bouncing avocados.

Is Throw Throw Avocado Suitable For Kids?

Throw throw avocado has a recommended age of 7+ and is suitable for kids and adults to play together.

How Is Throw Throw Avocado Different From Other Card Games?

Throw avocado is a hybrid of a card game and dodgeball, making it a unique and exciting gameplay experience.

Can I Play Throw Throw Avocado Indoors?

Yes, throw avocado can be played both indoors and outdoors, as long as there is enough space for players to move around.

Can I Customize The Rules Of Throw Throw Avocado?

Yes, the game comes with different variations and custom rules that you can mix and match to create your own unique version of the game.


After mastering the basics of throw-throw avocado, you can now play with different formations, and interesting rules, and mix up the gameplay to keep things exciting. Remember to always stay alert, agile and work well with your team. This game is not only fun, but it provides a great workout for your reflexes, teamwork, and creativity.

Don’t hesitate to introduce it to your family, friends, and co-workers and start having fun together. Lastly, keep in mind that this game is all about having a good time, so don’t stress too much about getting the perfect move or the perfect score.

Throw avocado is a simple yet engaging game that promotes good dexterity, as well as bonds friends and family. So, grab your avocado and start playing!


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