Importance of WPS Office in Education

Schools all over the world are shut because of the COVID-19 pandemic, resulting in the rise of online learning. In this time of crisis, WPS Office is offering free access to its services. Students and educators can work remotely to create communications, schedule online meetings, and sharing content. If you really want free office for students you can visit wps office official website.

With just one software, teachers can assign handouts, exams, questionnaires, and homework and even assort them all in one place. It helps make virtual learning productive and interactive using powerful and innovative tools.

Schools can partner with globally supported free education platform WPS Office and take advantage of its following features:

Online Access and Storage

In the situation of the pandemic, students, teachers, and administrators are unable to physically visit the school. With the use of WPS Office, all the data that’s used by both staff and students is transferred and saved on cloud storage systems, where it is maintained, managed, backed up, and can be easily accessed by students and teachers when needed.

Saves Time:

WPS Office powerful tools help arrange everything in one place. They help teachers who can not meet each other in person due to pandemic organize lessons and distribute assignments and even collaborate with co-teachers and administrators through Plc group. The teachers don’t have to spend much time to collect, organize, and process large amounts of information, they simply need to submit them into the system.

Boosts Productivity and System Efficiency

Schools across the globe can make use of WPS Office platform to pull themselves together and tackle this outbreak without getting their system affected. Now, teachers can concentrate more on students, and worry less about organizing lectures, composing schedules, and distributing assignments. With endless storage, there’s no need to worry about having enough space for data. The same online space can be used to store student’s records, making their management more efficient in the institution.

Encourages collaborative work

As a result of schools’ closure, WPS Office brings together communication and coordination tools, making it easy for students, teachers, and administrators to collaborate in real-time and work together. It helps in an efficient distribution of tasks and improving the quality of information. This way, both students and teachers can stay in touch with one another at school and can access data, whether at school or at home.

Confidentiality and Security

Many institutions fear to transition to cloud computing, they think their data saved on unknown servers might be explored by others and can be reached through the Internet. WPS Office ensures the confidentiality and safety of the material students and staff store on the cloud. Schools can rely on WPS Office, as it provides high-level built-in security with continuous remote monitoring and threat control. All the data is private to students and educators until they share it.

Interactive Display

WPS Office has transformed online dull classes into more interactive and imaginative learning by making them visually appealing or individualized learning to meet their needs. This is done with the help of newly introduced software Sway, which helps students develop interactive projects by merging texts and media in Sway.

This pandemic has utterly disrupted the education system, but with access to the right technology platform like WPS Office, Schools can make the best use of E-learning platforms and take Covid-19 as an opportunity to adapt to these new mediums of schooling.

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